Russia uses veto power to block UN resolution against deployment of nuclear weapons in space

US criticises Russia

Geneva (Switzerland) – Russia has blocked a resolution at the United Nations Security Council meeting using its veto power. The resolution was aimed at upholding the Outer Space Treaty. This has led to strong objections from the United States, which accused Russia of developing nuclear weapons capable of being transported to the space by satellites. This is the reason behind Russia’s veto, accused the US. The proposed treaty aimed to prohibit the deployment of dangerous weapons, including nuclear arms, in space; however, Russia’s veto has thwarted US’ objectives.

US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan stated, “As we have understood before, Russia is developing nuclear weapons that can be transported to space by satellites. We have heard President Putin publicly state that Russia has no plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space. If so, why did Russia veto this resolution ?” The resolution, jointly proposed by the USA and Japan, asserts that deploying nuclear weapons in space is contrary to fundamental responsibilities. The resolution also demands that member states should not develop nuclear weapons that could be deployed in Earth’s orbit.

The dangers of deploying nuclear weapons in space

Jack Sullivan further mentioned that the deployment of nuclear weapons in Earth’s orbit could disrupt transportation, scientific, meteorological, agricultural, commercial, and national security services. US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, also criticised Russia’s decision, stating that Russia has shirked its responsibilities. She noted, “This is not the first time Russia has struck down such proposals. Over the past few years, Russia has been behaving irresponsibly regarding the proposals related to dangerous weapons.”