It is spiritually beneficial for women to tuck the saree pallu at the waist rather than leaving it hanging from the shoulder ! – Research by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay

‘In the past, women used to wear a saree daily. The saree pallu (free end of the saree) would be draped from the left shoulder and then taken on the right hand side and the proximal end of the pallu tucked at the waist, near the navel. In today’s stressful world, as women have started working outside their homes, their wearing sarees has also reduced. These days, it is a common practice to leave the saree pallu hanging from the shoulder below, rather than tucking it at the waist.

Mrs. Madhura Dhananjay Karve

Scientific research was done using the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) to study the spiritual effect of the pallu being left hanging from the shoulder against it being tucked at the waist. The following 2 studies were conducted wherein a woman with severe spiritual distress and another with no spiritual distress, participated.

Study 1. Leaving the pallu of the saree hanging from the shoulder : In this study, UAS readings were taken of both the women 10 minutes after leaving the pallu of their saree hanging.

Study 2. Tucking the pallu of the saree at the waist : In this study, UAS readings were taken 10 minutes after both the women tucked the pallu near the waist.

The Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) was developed in 2005 by Dr. Mannem Murthy, a former nuclear scientist from Telengana. By using this instrument the energy and the aura of an object, a premises, an animal or an individual can be measured.

Tucking the pallu of the saree at the waist

The interpretation and conclusion of the observations of the study are given ahead.

Mr. Ashish Sawant using the U.A.S. device for the experiment

1. After the women tucked the pallu of the saree near the waist, their subtle-energies were positively affected to a large extent

In the first experiment, after the women kept the pallu hanging, a large amount of negative energy aura and less positive energy aura were detected in them. In the second study, after they tucked the pallu near their waist, their negative energy aura was found to have reduced to a large extent and their positive energy aura increased substantially. The readings are given in the table ahead.

Type of  women in the study Negative Energy aura (metres) Positive Energy aura (metres)
Keeping the pallu of the saree hanging Tucking the pallu of the saree near the waist Keeping the pallu of the saree hanging Tucking the pallu of the saree near the waist
1. Woman with severe spiritual distress 14.54 4.78 3.16 17.48
2. Woman with no spiritual distress 11.02 5.50 2.26 16.95

Note – The present times being raja-tama predominant, a covering of raja-tama (distressing) vibrations gets easily created on the body, mind and intellect of an individual. Therefore, distressing vibrations were detected even in the woman with ‘no spiritual distress’ in the study. To be protected from these distressing vibrations, one should remove the covering of the distressing vibrations around oneself intermittently on a daily basis. Different measures which may be used to remove the distressing vibrations, are for example, applying Holy ash, sprinkling cow’s urine (gomutra), singing or listening to stotras (Holy hymns), chanting, etc.

2. Conclusion : Tucking the saree pallu near the waist is spiritually beneficial for women

Women can wear a saree at least while at home to derive spiritual benefit. Also, while performing different chores at home, they can tuck the pallu near the waist instead of keeping it hanging from the shoulder. As a result, they will get necessary energy for different actions and also be protected from distressing vibrations.

– Mrs. Madhura Dhananjay Karve, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa. (11.12.2023)

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