It is sad to see the saffronisation of the people of Doordarshan : TMC MP Jawahar Sircar

  • Trinamool Congress MP and former CEO of ‘Prasar Bharti’ Jawahar Sircar blabbers
  • A case of changing the colour of Doordarshan’s new logo to orange

New Delhi – The logo of Doordarshan, a public broadcaster, has been changed from red to orange. This has angered the Anti-Hindus. Former Prasar Bharti CEO and Trinamool Congress MP Jawahar Sircar criticized the colour change saying that Doordarshan has painted its historic official symbol in saffron. Now it is no longer ‘Prasar Bharati’ but it has become ‘Prachar Bharati’. Sad to see the saffronisation of Doordarshan people. A neutral public broadcaster will now influence voters by including religion (Hindu) and colour of Sangh Parivar along with partisan governance. Jawahar Sircar was the CEO of ‘Prasar Bharti’ parent company of Doordarshan and ‘All India Radio’ from 2012 to 2016.

Doordarshan has completely changed – Gaurav Dwivedi, Chief Executive Officer, Prasar Bharati

Gaurav Dwivedi, Credits : Adda247

Responding to these allegations, Prasar Bharati’s current CEO Gaurav Dwivedi said, “Using a bright, appealing colour is purely about the channel’s branding and visual aesthetic and it is unfortunate for anyone to be reading anything else into that. The colour of the logo is orange, not saffron. It’s not only a new logo, the entire look and feel has been upgraded — we have a new set, new lighting, seating arrangement and equipment,” he added. It is unfortunate that people are backlashing to this.

On the other hand, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said that the government is trying to gain control over saffronism and government institutions. This move clearly undermines the neutrality and credibility of India’s public broadcaster. (Congress has done the unforgivable act of greening the country for 7 decades. Govt should tell Congress that work is being done to correct its blunders. – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

Doesn’t Jawahar Sircar, who beats the drums for secularism, see the greening of the state of Bengal by his party ? Now the Hindus should tell the Trinamool Congress that ‘we will saffronize the state of Bengal, which is on the verge of becoming Bangladesh’!