Canadian Government planning to introduce interest-free ‘Halal mortgage scheme’ for Muslims

Justin Trudeau now attempts to appease Muslims after Khalistani terrorists

Ottawa (Canada) – In response to dwindling popularity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has initiated a campaign to court the Muslim community in Canada, following a similar attempt towards the Khalistani terrorists. The Government is contemplating to introduce a ‘Halal Mortgage Scheme’ to extend financial aid to the Muslim population. While some private banks have already implemented this scheme, it is now being considered for implementation in public banks as well.

Courtesy : Oneindia News

1. With the Trudeau Government grappling to address housing shortages for Canadians, a 2-year moratorium has been imposed on foreigners purchasing homes in the country. Introducing the ‘Halal Mortgage Scheme’ amidst these housing challenges may potentially strain the country’s economy.

2. The federal budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 was unveiled by the Government on 16th April. As part of their deliberations, the Government is contemplating the implementation of this scheme.

What is Halal Mortgage Scheme ?

The Halal Mortgage Scheme is a financial assistance scheme proposed by the Canadian Government, aiming to provide support to the Muslim community. It revolves around Halal mortgage schemes, which adheres to Shariah law principles of Islam. In Islam, usury or interest is considered haram (forbidden), hence these schemes avoid traditional interest payments. Instead, they offer mortgage products structured to comply with Islamic financial principles. While they may not be entirely interest-free, they typically involve alternative fees or charges in place of interest payments.

Editorial Perspective

‘Intellect works against a person when the doom approaches.’ The Prime Minister of Canada is an excellent example of this. Don’t be surprised if Canada becomes an Islamic nation tomorrow due to his suicidal policies.