Congress called 29 Naxals ‘martyrs’ who were killed by soldiers risking their lives

Raipur, Chhattisgarh – The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday called out Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate after she used the term “shaheed” (martyrs) while responding to a question on the recent Kanker encounter in Chhattisgarh, in which 29 Maoists were killed in a gunfight with the Border Security Force (BSF). This incident happened in the forests of Hidur and Kalpar villages in Naxal-hit Kanker district of Chhattisgarh. The BJP alleged that Shrinate used “Shaheed” for the Maoists, also called Naxals and said the encounter must be thoroughly investigated. In this background, BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia has released a video about the Congress spokesperson’s statement. The Congress spokesperson is calling these Naxals ‘martyrs’. This is called mental and moral bankruptcy’, said Bhatia.

Criticism of Shrinate from BJP

The BJP has criticised Supriya Shrinate’s statement. The BJP has criticised Shrinate on ‘X’ by launching a ‘hashtag’ against her.

Editorial Perspectives

  • The patriots have an opportunity in this election to end the political existence of such Congress. They should not lose this opportunity.
  • Congress which glorified Jihadi terrorists, Naxals and religious fanatics ruled India the most, it is disgraceful.