Pakistan’s Home Minister alleges India’s hand in killing of gangster Sarfaraz

Sarabjit Singh (left) and notorious gangster Amir Sarfaraz (right)

Lahore (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s Home Minister Mohsin Naqvi has raised suspicions about India’s involvement in the killing of notorious gangster Amir Sarfaraz in Lahore. There has been no response from the Indian government regarding these allegations yet. Sarfaraz who had murdered Indian citizen Sarabjit Singh in Lakhpat Jail in 2013, was shot dead in Lahore.

Naqvi stated to the media that India is suspected to be involved in several recent killings in Pakistan, but investigations are ongoing, and it is premature to make any conclusive statements at this time.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) refutes claims of Sarfaraz’s death

A day after the assassination attempt on Amir Sarfaraz, Senior Superintendent of Police of Pakistan’s Punjab Province, Syed Ali Raza, stated that Sarfaraz was still alive but critically injured. However, Raza did not disclose the location where Sarfaraz was receiving treatment. When contacted by an Indian news agency for comment on the matter, Farhan Shah, spokesperson of Lahore Police, declined to provide any information, citing the sensitivity of the situation.

Editorial perspective

Pakistan’s Home Minister, who is pointing fingers at India without addressing the law-and-order issues in his own country, should focus on his responsibilities at home rather than putting blame on others.