Shriram and Sita Mata disrespected in a play by students of ‘IIT Bombay’

  • Presentation of Ramayan in a vulgar manner
  • Demand strict action against writers, directors and actors

Mumbai – Hindu Deities were insulted in IIT Bombay. At a cultural festival here, participants in the play Rahovan mocked Shriram, and also depicted the entire Ramayan in a vulgar and insulting manner. In this play, Shriram was named as Raya, Sita Mata as Bhumi and Ravan as Aghora. The play showed Ram and Sita attacking each other, Sita being happy and praising Lanka due to her abduction by Ravan, Lakshman and Sita having an obscene conversation with each other. Some Hindu students of IIT Bombay have demanded strict action against the writer, director and acting students of the play. IIT Bombay has not yet given any explanation regarding the incident.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Someone is mocking the Deities of Hindus and yet no action is taken against them, this is shameful for 100 crore Hindus. No one dares to mock the worship of other religions in such a way. Those who hurt the sentiments of Hindus should be punished with imprisonment for life.
  • What will be the mentality of the ‘future officers’ who will graduate from such institutions ?