Muslims should hand over the disputed structures at Kashi and Mathura to Hindus : Senior Archaeologist K K Muhammed

Lecture held at Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune

Senior archaeologist K.K. Mohammed

Pune – “As a modern society we should accept the historical facts. Just as Mecca and Medina are sacred to Muslims, Gyanvapi in Kashi and the birthplace of Shrikrushna in Mathura are sacred to Hindus. For the Muslims, these are just another mosques. Therefore, Muslims should hand them over to the Hindus by themselves and Hindus should also stop at these three for the sake of welfare of the nation”, appealed Senior Archaeologist K K Muhammed. He was speaking in a lecture on ‘India : Heritage and Culture’ organised at ‘Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute’. Former Director of Archaeological Survey of India’s North India region, K K Muhammed gave information regarding the reconstruction of the Bateshwar Temples in the Chambal valley and the survey of the Shriram Temple. President of ‘Force Motors’ Dr Abhay Firodia, Chancellor of Deccan College Pramod Pandey, ‘Pune Samvad’ coordinator Manoj Pochat and others were present at the event.

K K Muhammed added,

1. Kashi and Mathura are related neither to Prophet Muhammad nor to any awliya; but for Hindus, these are the birthplaces of Deities. The Hindu community did not ask for the 3 to 4 thousand temples that were destroyed during the medieval period. If they do, the country will be in a frenzy. In the interest of the country, the Hindus should stop at regaining only Kashi and Mathura.

2. Muslims today are not responsible for the invasions and destruction of temples in the medieval period; but those who support these attacks in any way are certainly guilty. Thousands of temples in India were destroyed by my ancestors. As a penance, I did the work of rebuilding the ancient temples.