Taj Mahal is actually Tejomahalay and existed even before Shah Jahan

Claims ‘Yogeshwar Shrikrushna Janmasthan Seva Sangh Trust’ in Court

Taj Mahal

Agra – ‘Yogeshwar Shrikrushna Janmasthan Seva Sangh Trust’ has filed a claim in the Agra Civil Court that ‘Taj Mahal is a temple of Tejolinga Mahadev’. Ajay Pratap Singh, advocate for the prosecution, referred to Baburnama, Humayunama, Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, Bulletin of ASI, Epigraphica Indica, Vishwakarma Prakash, Puranas etc. and said that it is clear from these references that Taj Mahal is actually the temple of Deity Mahadev i.e. Tejomahalay.

1. According to the Bateshwara inscription in ‘Epigraphica Indica’, King Parmal Dev built a temple of Shiva in the year 1194 using white alum-like stone. Its original name is Charbagh. This construction is described by Babur in his book ‘Baburnama’.

2. According to the Agra Gazetteer, ASI bulletin and the report of Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, there is a dispute about who built the Taj Mahal. In the year 1946, the Department of Archaeology published the article ‘Repair of the Taj Mahal’ written by the Director General of the Department, Madhoswaroop Vats. The article mentions that ‘Who was the architect of Taj Mahal’ is disputed.

3. Peter Mundy, an employee of the ‘East India Company’, has mentioned the market of Tajganj in the year 1632. Alexander Cunningham reports, ‘A black basalt column was found inside the Taj Mahal, on which a tortoise was carved. It is a symbol of Tirthankara Munishwarnath in Jainism.’ The Taj Mahal is said to have been built by Shah Jahan in memory of Mumtaz Mahal; however, there is a difference in the year of death of Mumtaz Mahal between Agra Gazetteer and Burhanpur Gazetteer.

4. Advocate Ajay Pratap Singh said that after analysing everything, it is proved that Taj Mahal existed before Shah Jahan. Basically, it is a temple of Tejolinga Mahadev, known as Tejomahalay.

5. Deity Shri Tejomahadeva, Yogeshwar Shrikrushna Janmasthan Seva Sangh Trust, Kshatriya Shaktipeeth Development Trust and Advocate Ajay Pratap Singh are the plaintiffs in this case. Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Director General of ASI, ASI Agra Circle Archaeologist, Director General of Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department are the respondent.

Editorial Perspective

It is a fact that Muslim invaders demolished Hindu temples and built Islamic structures there. Hence, the Union Government should now take the initiative and survey such Islamic buildings all over India and give their control to the Hindus.