Muslim League approaches the Supreme Court against CAA

We oppose the CAA as it discriminates against Muslims – Muslim League

New Delhi – The Muslim League has filed a petition against the CAA in the Supreme Court. They have demanded a stay in the implementation of the CAA in this petition. The petition says that the citizenship is granted only to people of certain religions, this is against the Constitution. A ‘writ petition’ is filed either in the High Court or the Supreme Court, when fundamental rights are violated. It is an appeal to the High Court or the Supreme Court to look into the matter urgently.

Courtesy Republic World

The Muslim League argued that the act cannot be constitutionally implemented, till it is partial and discriminative. We are not against giving citizenship to refugees. We oppose the fact the Muslims are being deprived of this by this act.

Editorial Perspective

It is not at all surprising that if a law is made for a noble pro-India cause, the anti-India elements will oppose it. Interestingly, the Muslim League has no opposition to citizenship being given to non-Muslim refugees. This means that, in a way, they are accepting that Hindus and Sikhs are facing genocide in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Please note though, that the Muslim League never overtly opposes Hindu genocide in those countries.