Action against a BJP worker who inadvertently shouted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ two years ago

Karnataka Congress Government’s vindictive action

Mandya (Karnataka) – Three individuals have been arrested for pro-Pak sloganeering in Karnataka Assembly. Around the same time, a BJP worker has been arrested for inadvertently shouting in support of Pakistan 2 years ago. BJP has criticised Congress Government for this.

What is the matter ?

Pakistan’s External Affairs Minister had passed an insulting remark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On 22nd December 2022, BJP had organised a protest. At that time BJP workers were shouting ‘Pakistan Murdabad, Hindustan Zindabad’. Ravi, a BJP worker, inadvertently shouted Pakistan Zindabad. His colleague immediately tried to stop him. Now Congress Government is acting against the BJP worker in this case.

Editorial Perspective

Since when the Pak supporter Congress has turned patriotic ?