Varna system alone not to blame for caste-based discrimination in the society – Madras HC

Madras High Court commented on Udhayanidhi Stalin’s eradicate Sanatan Dharma remarks

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) – ‘We believe that caste-based discrimination exists in society and needs to be removed. The caste system as we know it today has a history of less than a century. Therefore, the Varna system alone cannot be held responsible for the caste-based division and discrimination in the society’, observed the Madras High Court while hearing the petition filed by Udhayanidhi Stalin regarding his statements on Sanatan Dharma.

Justice Anita Sumanth said,

1. There are 370 registered castes in Tamil Nadu. Tension is created at times within different castes, but the reason for this is not only the caste but also the benefits they get based on caste. In such a situation, how can the entire blame be placed only on the ancient Varna system ? Even if you look for an answer, you will not find it.

2. History has also seen people attacking each other in the name of caste. Constant improvement is necessary to remove these old evils. Introspection should be done and ways to eliminate discrimination should be considered.

3. The Varna system does not discriminate based on birth. It was based on people’s profession. This arrangement was made for the smooth functioning of the society. Even today people are recognised only by their work.