The flag of Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale in farmers’ protest !

New Delhi – A video about farmers’ agitation has gone viral, in which farmers are seen bringing tractors from Fatehgarh Sahib near the Shambhu border in Ambala. All these tractors are going to reach the Delhi border. In the video, several tractors can be seen moving towards the border simultaneously. In this, the flag with the name of Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale is visible on a tractor. Even earlier in 2020-2021, when the farmers started agitation on the border of Delhi, the protestors had placards of Bhindranwale.

Editorial Perspective

This is a proof that Khalistani terrorists support the farmers’ movement. The aim of this movement is not to ‘make the farmers better’ but through this, the agitators want to create instability in the country. Therefore, the Government must take strict action against the agitators.