The so-called Muslim shrine near Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi belongs to Hindus : Hindu Advocate

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Mathura, UP – In the background of Kashi Gyanvapi, a new issue has propped up from Mathura. A Hindu Advocate has brought this point to light that the shrine near Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi is in fact ‘Gyanvapi’ (Hindu site). This ‘Gyanvapi’ is a samadhi near Potra Kund, which belongs to the brother of Chakravarty Samrat, Raja Bhartruhari.

1.In 1987, an Income Tax Officer, named Qamruddin, employed at the Mathura Municipality, tampered with the official entries. He changed the word from Gyanvapi to ‘Shahi Bavdi’. Waqf Board declared it as property no. 75. The samadhi of Bhartruhari was changed to ‘Hazrat Umadraj Bavdivale Baba’. The caretaker of this tomb is Musheer Ansari and he says, his is the third generation in this job.

2.In 1994, in the Municipality register, the entry was corrected according to the legal reasoning of the Hindu party. In 1997 the then Deputy District Commissioner, and Waqf Survey officer, RD Palival prohibited namaj by Muslims at the site, but the Muslims continued to disregard the orders.

Will seek a survey from ASI – Advocate Mahendra Pratap Singh

The president of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Mukti Nyas and Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi side, Mahendra Pratap Singh said. “A Civil Suit will be filed in the Civil Court. Gyanvapi and Kashi are two large centres of Sanatan Dharma in the entire world. We shall put up a request regarding this with ASI. A day will come when, like Kashi, Hindus will perform puja here. (It has become imperative that Hindus unite to get back their own Heritage sites.  Editor.)

Editorial perspective

Hindus, be ready for a long-term struggle to get back the right over our own heritage sites