Kadappa stone used in the conservation of Pratapgad

Devout followers of Shivaji Maharaj stop the work

(Kadappa’is a special type of stone used for construction)

Satara, Maharashtra – Bastions of Pratapgad, which bears witness to the prowess of Shiv Chhatrapati, are collapsing one by one. The stones at many locations on the fort have been dislodged and need conservation. A fund of Rs 100 crore has been allocated by the Government of Maharashtra for the conservation of Pratapgad. Funds worth Rs 13 crore have been already received and the work has started; but a shocking information has come to light that Kadappa stone has been used for the conservation of Pratapgad. Some devout followers of Shivaji Maharaj have stopped this weak conservation work. (Strict action is expected against those who deface the fort through this means ! – Editor).

1.According to the rules of the Archeology Survey of India Department, if the historical heritage is to be preserved, the structure should be repaired in the same way as it was built. There should be no modernity anywhere in it; however, while working on Pratapgad, the related contractors and workers are installing Kadappa.

2.Due to this, the central beauty of the fort is disappearing. Devout followers of Shivaji Maharaj rushed to Pratapgad and stopped the construction as soon as they realised that conservation is being done wrongly. The actions of the Archeology Survey of India are being condemned from all quarters.

Pratapgad is in the nomination list of ‘World Heritage Sites’. Hence, all the work at Pratapgad is expected to be done through the Archeology Survey of India; however, the work of the flag bastion, which is the main identity of the fort, was done for the last 2 years by collecting public subscriptions through ‘ Sahyadri Pratishthan’. A private contractor has been appointed on behalf of the pratishthan and illegal work is in progress. Some parts of the bastion have been worked in concrete and kadappa has been used to cover it. Even earlier, thermocol was used in the work by the same private contractor. Because of this, devout followers of Shivaji Maharaj are demanding that all the works done by the contractor should be investigated.
Editorial Perspective

This is an incident of cheating those who have faith in Shivaji Maharaj and revere his forts. The Government should pay attention to this and take action against the concerned people.