California Government acknowledges ‘Caste Discrimination’ not part of Hindu Dharma

Hindu American Foundation hails this as a significant victory for Hindus in USA

Sacramento (California) – In a significant development, the attempt to malign Hindu Dharma in the USA has faced a setback. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing stated that caste-based discrimination is not part of Hindu Dharma or its teachings. Furthermore, the department dismissed a 2020 complaint against ‘Cisco Systems’, a California-based company, concerning caste discrimination, following an investigation.

Major victory for the Hindu American community – Hindu American Foundation

The Hindu American Foundation, an advocacy group for Hindus in the USA, released a statement saying, ‘This is a significant victory for Hindu Americans.’

What is the matter ?

In 2020, an Indian-American engineer at Silicon Valley’s ‘Cisco Systems alleged that his Indian-American colleagues discriminated against him based on caste, as he belonged to the Dalit community and other employees were from higher castes. The California Government had filed a case against ‘Cisco Systems’ under civil rights laws. This case sparked considerable discussion in both the USA and India, with several organisations fighting for Dalit rights in the USA joining the lawsuit.

Editorial Perspective

This acknowledgement by the California Government counters the narrative of the ‘caste system in Hindu Dharma’ often criticised by Indian pseudo-liberals. The Indian Government should also take initiatives to dispel similar misconceptions and silence critics within the country.