Hindu Party demands survey of other basements in Gyanvapi

Varanasi – Hindu party had demanded the survey of other closed basements at Gyanvapi by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in the District Court. The Court heard the arguments of both the parties during the hearing on 6 th February. Next hearing in the case is scheduled for 15 th February. During the hearing, the Muslim party objected to the survey claiming it would ‘harm’ Gyanavapi.

Courtesy India Today

Total 8 basements in Gyanvapi

Hindu party advocate Saurabh Tiwari said that according to the survey conducted by the ASI, there are 8 basements in Gyanavapi. Out of these, S-1 and N-1 basements were not surveyed as the way to these basements has been blocked with bricks and stones. The possibility of finding more basements in Gyanvapi has also been considered.