I will shoot the leftists right in the middle of the road : A dialogue from ‘Bastar- the Naxal Story’

  • Teaser of ‘Bastar- the Naxal Story’, a film based on Naxalism, released
  • The film portrays the celebration of Indian soldiers’ killing at JNU

Mumbai – Vipul Shah, the producer of ‘The Kerala Story’ has made a film named ‘Bastar’ which is based on Naxalism. Bastar is a District in Chhattisgarh State and is highly affected by the Naxal movement; therefore, the same name has been given to the film. Sudipto Sen, the Director of ‘The Kerala Story’ and Adah Sharma, who acted in ‘The Kerala Story’ are associated with this film too. There is a dialogue delivered by Adah Sharma in this film about Naxals and their Urban Naxal supporters, wherein she says, ‘I would shoot the leftists right in the middle of the road.’ The film producer has claimed that the film is based on a true incident.

Dialogues from the teaser of Bastar

“Our 8,738 soldiers sacrificed their lives in the four wars fought with Pakistan, but do you know the Naxals have killed more than 15,000 soldiers in this country ? Our 76 soldiers were brutally killed by the Naxals in Bastar, and their deaths were celebrated at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi. Can you imagine how such a renowned university can even think of celebrating the deaths of our soldiers ? These Naxals are hatching plots in Bastar to divide India, and the leftists, liberals and pseudo-intellectuals from the big cities are helping them. I will shoot these leftists right in the middle of the road. Then you can hang me. I am IPS Officer Neerja Madhavan. Jai Hind.”