‘Ease My Trip’ cancels all flight bookings to the Maldives

  • Maldives had insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India
  • ‘Ease My Trip’ Co-founder Nishant Pitti states the decision was taken ‘in solidarity with our nation’
  • Many Indians also cancel their Maldives trip

New Delhi – The Maldivian Government suspended 3 ministers for their racially charged comments against PM Modi and Indians. Indian citizens did not only trend #BoycottMaldives on ‘X’ to protest the anti-India actions of Maldivian ministers but also began cancelling travel plans, flights and hotel bookings. A major travel company ‘Ease My Trip’ has also acted against the Maldives. The establishment has cancelled all its flight reservations to the Maldives. Co-founder and CEO Nishant Pitti posted about this decision on ‘X’. He stated that ‘Ease My Trip’ decided to cancel all flights to the Maldives ‘in solidarity with our nation’.

Editorial Perspective

Congratulations to ‘Ease My Trip’ for prioritising national integrity over commercial gains, embodying the principle of ‘National interest above all’ ! Such patriotic establishments are the real strength of India.