Muslim actor calls Shriram a ‘meat eater’ in the film Annapoorani

  • Denigration of Shriram in ‘Annapoorani’ streaming on Netflix
  • The film also promotes Love Jihad
  • A film scene portrays a Brahmin Hindu girl offering namaz while cooking biryani
  • A Police complaint filed against the film

Mumbai – In the film ‘Annapoorani’ streaming on the Netflix OTT platform, it is portrayed that a Hindu Brahmin girl has to offer namaz to cook biryani. The protagonist of the film is seen telling the girl that Shriram used to eat meat while in exile. Mr Ramesh Solanki, founder of ‘Hindu IT Cell’, has filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police against Netflix and Zee Studios in this regard.

1. Ramesh Solanki posted on ‘X’, “At a time when the whole world is rejoicing in anticipation of the consecration of Deity Shriram in Ayodhya temple, an anti-Hindu film called Annapoorani has been streaming on Netflix, produced by Zee Studios, Naad Studios and Trident Arts. In it, the actor (Farhan) persuades the actress to eat meat saying that Shriram is also a meat eater, and the film promotes Love Jihad. This film has been released around the inauguration of Shriram temple only to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus”.

2. In the complaint, Solanki has also named others associated with the film or the platform, i.e., Nilesh Krishnaa, Jai, Jatin Sethi, R. Ravindran, Punit Goenka, Shariq Patel, Monika Shergill and Nayanthara.

3. In this film, a Muslim youth is depicted as the boyfriend of a Hindu priest’s daughter. The Brahmin girl is shown participating in the programme ‘Chef India,’ where she is making biryani after offering namaz. She claims that making biryani after offering namaz makes it taste better.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Why did the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) not notice this while issuing the certificate ? Should one assume that the allegations of ‘favours against film certification’ are true ?
  • The CBFC, which comes under the Union Government, must now be earnestly scrutinized !