Shriram Janmabhoomi verdict given unanimously by all the judges – CJI Chandrachud

Chief Justice Chandrachud

New Delhi – “After considering the long history of conflict and diverse viewpoints related to the Shriram Janmabhoomi case, all the judges decided to give a unanimous judgment”, stated Chief Justice of India Dhananjay Chandrachud in an interview given to the Press Trust of India.

CJI Chandrachud also commented on Supreme Court’s decision not to recognise same-sex marriages. He said that he had no regrets about the outcome of his decision and he did not wish to discuss its merit. He said that the judges make decisions according to the Constitution and the law. Hence, he does not feel it appropriate to respond to criticism or defend a judgment. He added, “One thing which our training teaches us is that once you deliver a judgement in a case,
you kind of distance yourself from the outcome. Outcomes are never, in that sense, something which are personal to a judge. An important part about the life of a judge is never to associate yourself with a cause”.

Courtesy : News 18 UP Uttarakhand