40 acres of Shri Kanifnath Devasthan’s land grabbed by Waqf Board

  • Information given by Shri Kanifnath Devasthan Trust’s Secretary Rhishikesh Bangare
  •  Illegal registration done in 2005 !
  • No action taken against fundamentalists despite sending the relevant report to the State Government !

Shri Kanifnath Devasthan

Pune, 9 th December – In 2005, Muslims illegally registered 40 acres of land belonging to Shri Kanifnath Devasthan in Guha taluka of Ahilya Nagar, in the name of Waqf Board but the local people have been kept in the dark about the same. Now the Muslims are trying to dictate terms and troubling Hindus. As a part of this strategy, Muslims forcibly entered Shri Kanifnath Temple and beat up devotees on the 13 th of November 2023, informed Rishikesh Bangare, the Secretary of Shri Kanhoba and Kanifnath Trust, Guha Temple while talking to a representative of Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, a daily newspaper.

1.Rishikesh Bangare said further, “A few Muslim miscreants entered the temple, and jostling with our Vaarkari brethren, damaged the chimes and mridang, valuable to Varkari when they were singing bhajan in the temple. Muslims also brutally beat up Varkari and the temple priest. Presently, Hindus can sing bhajan in the temple, but the extremists try to create disturbance in every programme held by Hindus.

2.Advocate Prasad Kolase Patil said, “An application has been submitted to the Waqf Board for re- examining the illegal records regarding registration of the land and recalling the order, but the Waqf Board has so far not taken cognizance of our application. A complaint has been lodged with Revenue Minister, Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, demanding an inquiry into this issue by the Revenue Department. He has since appointed a committee under the District Collector. The committee has prepared a report and sent it to the State Government; however, the State Government is yet to take action on the report.”

Editorial Perspectives

  • It is an example of fundamentalists and the Waqf Board grabbing lands belonging to Hindu temples. Hindus need to unite and make the Government take action against the Waqf Board.
  • It is unfortunate that no action is taken against fundamentalists who are illegally grabbing Hindu temples’ lands. The Government needs to take immediate note of it and assure Hindus of taking necessary action.