‘We are proud of Hamas and its fighters’ : Asgar Ali Karbalai, Congress Working President, Ladakh

Anti-humanitarian statement by Asgar Ali Karbalai, the working president of Congress in Ladakh

Asgar Ali Karbalai (Credits : OpIndia)

Ladakh – Congress Working President of Ladakh, Asgar Ali Karbalai, has supported the Jihadi terrorist organisation Hamas which attacked Israel. He said, “The people of Kargil stand with Hamas. We are proud to stand with the fighters of Hamas”. He was speaking during a support march for Hamas which was held here on 13th October. The Muslims present in this march carried a photo of Iran’s supreme leader, Mohammad Ali Khamenei, in their hands. (What is the relationship between Iran’s leader and Congress ? Will Congress clarify it ? Will Congressmen with such a mindset ever love India ? – Editor) Already the National Executive of Congress has passed a resolution supporting Palestine.

Asgar Ali Karbalai further said that Israel believes that bombing Palestine will force Hamas and its fighters to yield, but that is wrong. The parents, brothers, and sisters of the fighters who were killed in this attack will stand and give the message to end Israel.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hamas raped and killed many women, slit the throats of 40 children, tore open the stomach of a pregnant woman and took out the fetus, and killed both, and committed several other crimes worse than demons. What kind of mentality do such Congress leaders possess for being proud of such terrorists ? Congress should be banned now.