Violence in Nepal over a video about eating beef

(Credits : Hindu Post)

Kathmandu (Nepal) – A curfew has been imposed in the Nepalganj area of Nepal after riots erupted over beef consumption. The riots broke out after a video about eating beef was posted on social media. Nepalganj is a part adjoining India in Uttar Pradesh. A cautionary warning has been given here.

The incident took place in the Dharan area of Nepalganj. After this, they held a march to protect the cows. At that time, there was stone pelting and violence. There was no loss of life. For the past few months, there has been a steady increase in incidents of religious violence in Nepal. Hence a curfew has been enforced repeatedly.

A riot had broken out even during Shri Ganesh’s immersion

A few days back, there was violence in Malangwa and Sarlahi. There was a curfew for many days. A riot broke out between Hindus and Muslims over the immersion of Shri Ganesh here. More than 12 people were injured. Due to a knife attack Rupesh Yadav got seriously injured and is still undergoing treatment.

Editorial perspective

In Nepal with Hindu majority, incidents related to cow slaughter and beef consumption are happening due to religious fanatics. Hindus in Nepal need to oppose this legitimately and stop them in time.