A referendum organised by the Independent Khalistan movement in a Canadian school cancelled

(Credits : Hindustan Times)

Ottawa (Canada) – On 10th September, Khalistanis planned to hold a referendum for an independent Khalistan at Tamanwis Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia. However, the public opinion programme was cancelled after the administration withdrew the permission.

(Credits : Times Now)

The Surrey District School Board said, “We have certain rules for renting out school space to host an event. Hence, we have disallowed this event for violating our rules. (So this means that if they had followed those rules, then the event would have taken place ? Action should be taken against such schools. – Editor) 

After the plebiscite was organised, leaflets were distributed. The leaflets carried a photograph of an AK-47 rifle, along with a picture of a Kirpan (a small knife) carried by the Sikh community. The programme was disallowed because it was considered offensive.

The President of ‘Friends of Canada and India,’ Maninder Singh, has welcomed this decision. The Mayor of Surrey, Brenda Locke also expressed her disapproval for holding the referendum on school grounds. She said neither does the city of Surrey support Khalistani activities nor do its citizens. She also objected to the image of an AK-47 rifle used in the leaflet.

Editorial Viewpoint

The activities of Khalistani terrorists in Canada are increasing day by day. However, surprisingly the Canadian Government did not take any measures when the Khalistanis tried to carry out their referendum in a school.