US trying to spoil the relationship between India and Russia

Russia’s Ambassador to India Denis Alipov’s allegation

New Delhi – In an interview with a news channel, Denis Alipov, the Russian Ambassador to India, alleged that the US openly admits to trying to spoil the relationship between India and Russia. He also clarified that they would not allow the Americans to succeed. Denis further said that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and congratulated him on the success of Chandrayaan-3. Russia is planning to have a joint space program with India. Russia also fully supports India’s priorities at the G-20 summit and the decision to include African countries in the G-20.

However, the controversy over Ukraine’s inclusion in the G-20 has hampered the issuance of a joint statement. On one side are the G-7 countries, while Russia and China are on the opposite side. Currently, the discussion seems to have stalled.