All the ministries of the Union Govt managed by the RSS : Rahul Gandhi

Ridiculous statement by the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Leh (Ladakh) –The RSS is posting its people in all the country’s organisation. These are the people who are managing all the various Government departments. When you ask any of the personnel  about this, you will be given this answer  ‘we do not have any say in the management of our department,  it is the people posted by the RSS who have are controlling the department. They are the ones in control of everything.’  Such ridiculous allegation was made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He said this when he was on a tour of the Union Territory of Ladakh.

Rahul Gandhi is going to Leh to pay homage to his father the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi’s Birthday at Ladakh’s  Pangong Lake. Rajiv Gandhi was born on the 20thof August 1944. Rahul again harped on his favourite point that political people are spreading an atmosphere of animosity and hate among the countrymen. When the prominent problems facing the country are unemployment, inflation, and education, on which they are not uttering a word. There are countrywide discussions and debates about animosity and hate, but nothing said about the main questions facing the country.

Editorial Viewpoint

If this was true then by now, the policies advocated by the RSS, like establishment of Hindu Rashtra, nationwide ban on cow-slaughter, anti-conversion law, would have come into force. Similarly Bangladeshi intruders would have been repatriated to Bangladesh and Jihadi terrorism uprooted from the country making the resettlement of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir an accomplished fact.