Even after 11 years, hearing yet to start in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan riots case

  • Damages yet to be recovered from the rioters
  • Accused are roaming freely

Mumbai, 10th August – 11th August 2023 marks the 11th anniversary of the pre-planned riots that were executed by Muslim fanatics on 11th August 2012 at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai. Unfortunately, even after 11 years, the case against the rioters has not even started in the Court. Also, the Police or the Administration have not been able to recover even a single rupee from the rioters who damaged public property.

26 Police vehicles were vandalised in this riot by Muslim fanatics. The ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’, a memorial to the soldiers of the freedom struggle of 1857, was kicked and broken by a religious fanatic. Ambulances, OB vans, BEST buses etc. were vandalised by the fanatics.

Although more than 15,000 people participated in the event at Azad Maidan, only 62 people have been ordered to recover the damages from. Out of them, 18 people live in Mumbai, 39 live in Navi Mumbai and suburbs, 5 live in Thane. 2 of the names have been omitted. The Police and the Administration have taken a weak stand in this matter by saying that ‘Many of the accused are not available at the respective address; those who are available, do not have any property in their name’.

The accused in these riots are out on bail despite committing serious crimes like molesting a Policewoman, insulting the revolutionaries, attacking the Police personnel, damaging the public property, attacking the media, etc.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • If the rioters are not prosecuted and punished immediately, they will continue committing anti-social activities repeatedly.
  • It is a disgrace to the Police, the Administration and the politicians of all political parties that culprits in the Azad Maidan riots case are free even after 11 years !

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