Report on 1980-Moradabad riots tabled in UP State Assembly session

  • Muslim League leaders responsible for riots as per M P Saxena’s report of 1983
  • Report not brought out for 40 years by Governments of all parties
  • Anti-Hindu Congress kept on blaming devout Hindu activists for the riots

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – In the monsoon session of the State Legislative Assembly, the State Government of Uttar Pradesh presented a report on 1980-riots staged at Moradabad. More than 80 persons were killed in those riots, while more than 100 were injured. The report held two leaders of the Muslim League responsible for the riots. The report says that the story fabricated by Congress against devout Hindu activists was baseless. The report was presented to the then State Government by Justice M P Saxena, former Judge of Allahabad High Court, in 1983. The report consists of 496 pages and was kept under wrap for four decades. The riots took place between August and November 1980.

(Credit : The Indian Express)

The report was not presented in the State Assembly, giving some trivial reasons, said Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya. He said that the report was suppressed. The report would expose the truth of the Moradabad riots to people. They would come to know who staged the riots, its supporters, and who fought against them. The report was kept under wrap till now by 15 succeeding Chief Ministers.

For the last 43 years, Congress and Communists have been blaming pro-Hindu organisations like RSS, Bajrang Dal, the then Jana Sangh, etc., for those riots.

What happened in Moradabad during riots ?

A leader of the Muslim League let a pig in an Eidgah in Moradabad, where 70,000 Muslims were offering Namaz. Muslims, who were in the Eidgah, asked the Police on duty to drive away the pig, but the Police didn’t take any action which enraged the Muslims, and they attacked the huts of Dalits near the Eidgah, and set them on fire. A Police constable was burnt alive in the violence and arson, and even the then additional District Collector D P Singh was brutally beaten up by religious fanatics. Galshaheed Police Station was attacked, and two Policemen were killed by the religious fanatics. The violence that began in Moradabad town spread to Sambhal, Aligarh, Bareilly, Prayagraj, and the rural area of the Moradabad District. The UP Chief Minister was Vishwanath Pratap Singh of Congress then, while the Prime Minister was Indira Gandhi.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Please note that Congress is counting its last breath because of its old habit of blaming the majority Hindu population as violent for every violence in the country.
  • Governments of the Congress Party that advocates democracy, Samajwadi and Bahujan Samajwadi Parties, were elected to power but none of them let the truth behind the riots come before people. Such fake secularism is the cause of these parties being on the verge of becoming extinct.