Muslim female students vandalise Principal’s office for asking them to wear uniform instead of hijab

Incident at Sepahijala in Tripura

Agartala (Tripura) – Priyatosh Nandi, principal of Koroimura Higher Secondary School in Sepahijala District, had directed Muslim female students to come to school in proper uniform instead of hijab. A group of Muslim female students vandalised principal’s room after being barred from wearing hijab. Some Muslim male students were also involved in this vandalisation.

After this incident, when one of the Muslim students came out of the school campus, it is being alleged that some devout Hindus of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad attacked him. The Police reached the spot after receiving the information about this incident. The Police informed that a case has been filed in this matter and further investigation is going on. They also clarified that there is no religious angle to this incident.

Editorial Viewpoints

It should not be surprising if there is an outcry not because Muslim female students took the law into their hands, but because the principal tried to take away their religious freedom.

The arrogance of Muslim male and female students is evident from such incidents. They know that secular parties of the country will stand firmly behind them. Therefore, such political parties should be banned now.