Ban on wearing burqa in ‘Acharya and Marathe College’ in Chembur


Muslim girl students become protest aggressively

(Credit : India Today)

Chembur (Mumbai) – N.G. Acharya and D.K. Marathe college in Chembur has prohibited female students from wearing a burqa inside the college premises. Muslim girl students became aggressive against the decision and protested due to which tension was created for some time. Police force was deployed at the college due to this reason.

The college administration is asking the Muslim female students to ‘take off the burqa outside the entrance of the college and then enter the premises’. The students are asking for a place inside the premises where they would take off the burqa before entering the classroom. The college administration has said that the final decision would be declared after the discussion.

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial Viewpoint

When the burqa is banned, hardcore Muslim girl students become aggressive and oppose it. On the other hand, when Hindu symbols like Tilak, Bindi, Kumkum, Henna, etc. are banned, Hindu boy and girl students remain silent. This is a shame for Hindus who are not proud of their religion and culture !