China’s ploy to build the largest dam on River Brahmaputra and deprive India of the river water !

Beijing  (China) – China has planned to build the largest dam on River Yarlung-Tsangpo in Tibet, close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC). River Brahmaputra is known as Yarlung- Tsangpo in China. China plans to set up a hydropower project by constructing the dam. China can divert the course of the River towards the North, and deprive India of water during dry seasons, which can be a dangerous situation for India. Brahma Chellaney, an expert on national security matters and international relations between India and China, has confirmed the above news.

An article has been published in ‘Nikkei Asia’ in this context. As per this article, the capacity of this dam will be 60 gigawatts. It is reported that the dam near the Indo-Chinese border would be many times bigger, in size and capacity, than the existing biggest dam viz. ‘Three Gorges’ dam in China.

China’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ published information on this dam in November 2020.

It is stated that the ‘Power Construction Corporation of China’, constructing such a hydroelectric project, is a historical occasion. River Brahmaputra, originating from the Angsi glaciers in the Himalayas and circling the East Himalayas is 3,696 km in length. It flows to India through Tibet and then flows to Bangladesh before it merges with the Bay of Bengal. It is the ninth-longest river in the world.

Editorial Viewpoint

The patriotic citizens feel that India should make a counter plan to give an apt reply to China’s such tantrums. It can be done by exposing China’s atrocities against Tibetans and imposing a ban on Chinese products in India.

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