China created the coronavirus as a biological weapon

Claim by Chinese scientist in a laboratory in Wuhan

(Credit : The Telegraph)

New Delhi – A Chinese scientist from a laboratory in the city of Wuhan, in China, has claimed, ‘China itself developed the virus Covid-19 as a biological weapon. China itself deliberately infected this virus’. Scientist Chao Shao has made this claim during an interview with Jennifer Zheng, a member of the International Press Association. Interestingly, such accusations have been already made against China, before this also. China has denied the allegations every time, claiming that the coronavirus spread through its meat markets.

Scientist Shao said, “China had asked scientists from the Wuhan laboratory to find a highly effective virus. My colleague Shan Chao, told that a senior scientist had given him 4 types of coronavirus, and was asked to find out,  which of them could spread faster”.

Chao Shao said that some of his comrades had disappeared during the World Army Competition held in Wuhan in 2019. They all were sent to different hotels to check the players from the different countries. Scientists are not sent to examine any person, doctors are. These scientists were sent to spread the coronavirus. In April 2020, I was sent to inspect Uighur Muslims in prisons in Xinjiang province. And it was told to free them soon, after having conducted a health check.