Race-based admissions banned in the US universities

  • Decision of the US Supreme Court
  • President Joe Biden and the Ministry of Education oppose the decision

Washington (USA) – The Supreme Court of US has given a critical judgement concerning admission of students in its universities. The Court ordered that the admissions into the universities will no longer be based on the skin colour of a person. The decision is being termed as ‘historic’. Race-based admissions were introduced in the US universities in the 1960s to bring diversity in the student population. For the past 60 years, this rule was protected for the same reason of diversity. Now, while giving judgment on two petitions related to Harvard University and North Carolina University, the Court has cancelled this rule.

The US President opposes the decision

While many have welcomed this decision, many are opposing it too. US President Joe Biden said that he would not let this decision be the final decision. There is still discrimination in the US. Of the 9-judge bench that delivered the verdict, 6 judges are conservative while 3 are liberal.

Argument that happened before the Court

The judge sided with an organization called ‘Students for Fair Admission’. The organization had argued that the race-based admission process violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Chief Justice John Roberts said that many universities had for too long wrongly concluded that a person’s identity is based not on his challenges, skills and teaching, but on his colour.

Editorial Viewpoint

Several cases of racism are coming to light in the US, including those in the US universities. It will be better if the US focuses on solving its internal issues rather than sticking its nose in the internal affairs of other countries including India.

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