Advocates should study Hindu scriptures to counter attacks on Hindu culture ! – Advocate Sridhar Potaraju, Supreme Court, Delhi

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav : Thoughts Of Invitees

The laws that are presently in effect in India were introduced by the British. These laws are based on materialistic end goals. On the contrary, Hindu theology tries to arrive at the ultimate Truth by drawing conclusions from debates. That is why I believe that the slogan of our High Courts is ‘Satyamev Jayate’. This sentence inspires the moral struggle to seek the truth. The battle of Ram Janmabhoomi was not only a battle for land but it was a battle to find the truth of the birth of ShriRam.

Advocate Sridhar Potaraju

Veda-Shastras were studied and referred to in court proceedings in pre-independence India; But now due to westernization of laws western examples are being referenced to. After independence, the intellectual distortions of the communists created a tight and strong network in India. Decisions such as same-sex marriage that are emerging today are an attack on Hindu familial, social and marriage institutions. Supreme Court advocate Sridhar Potaraju said that advocates should refer to their scriptures and study them to counter such attacks.

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