Kathua rape case used in a subversive agenda to expel Hindus from Jammu!- Madhu Kishwar, Editor ‘Manushi’, Delhi

Day 4 of Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav

Ramnath Devasthan – In 2018, an alleged rape case in a small village called Rasana in Jammu was given worldwide infamy as the ‘Kathua Rape’ case. Across the country, the secular gang, Bollywood actors, and anti-Hindus used the case to defame Hindus worldwide. The story that ‘Hindus abducted the victim, raped and then killed her’ was propagated around the world based on falsified evidence. Behind this was a planned conspiracy to dehumanise Hindus and expel them from Jammu region, alleged Prof. (Ms) Madhu Kishwar, Delhi-based author of the book ‘The Girl from Kathua’ and editor of ‘Manushi’. She was speaking on ‘Truth of Kathua’ at the Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav at Shri Ramnath Devasthan, Ponda, Goa.

Madhu Kishwar

Prof Kishwar said,

1. In this case Hindus were accused of ‘gang-rape’; however, the autopsy report does not mention rape. While the police investigation states that ‘the girl was killed by bashing her head with a stone’, the post-mortem report did not show any injury to the skull. The report is replete with inconsistencies.

2. Disclosure of the identity of the victim in any case of rape of a minor girl is a legal offense. But in this case, the victim’s name and photo were deliberately revealed to the media. Hindu youth were persecuted in the name of investigation. As a result many Hindu families had to flee Kathua.

3. The Jammu Bar Association, along with thousands of Hindus, held a mass movement against this. It demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter; But it was deliberately ignored by the Indian media.

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