‘The Diary of West Bengal’ film depicts TMC Government’s support to Rohingyas to illegally enter Bengal

Case filed against the Director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, Police send him a Notice to attend enquiry

Kolkata – After the release of the trailer of the film ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, the Bengal Police has filed a case against the film’s Director Sanoj Mishra. The film narrates the story of fanatical Rohingya Muslims in Bengal. This film will be released in the month of August.

The trailer of the film also referenced an incident in which 200 houses of Hindus were burnt down in Naliakhali village in 2013. It additionally portrays Mamata Banerjee’s agitation against the implementation of CAA and NRC laws in Bengal.

Some people have alleged that Bengal is being defamed through this film. Wasim Rizvi (now Jitendra Narayan Singh), former Chairman of UP Shia Central Waqf Board, is the producer of this film. The Police have served a notice on Sanoj Mishra to appear for questioning on 30th May (this report is being filed on 27th May). Sanoj Mishra’s advocate Nagesh Mishra said, “We are going to fight it out in the Court”.

Trinamool Congress Government is fulfilling the agenda of foreign terrorist organisations : Jitendra Narayan Singh

During the release of the trailer, Jitendra Narayan Singh said that the situation in Bengal has become very dangerous for the State and India in the past few years. A large number of fanatical Rohingya Muslims are being settled in Bengal. The Trinamool Congress Government of Bengal is making Aadhaar cards for Rohingya Muslims to create a vote bank, thus including their names in the voters list. Due to this, the population of Rohingya Muslims is increasing along the Bangladesh border.

“These Rohingyas are spreading across the country through identity cards made in Bengal. The Trinamool Congress Government of Bengal is serving the agenda of foreign terrorist organisations. Hindus are being oppressed in Bengal and have been forced to flee. An attempt is being made to show the horrific condition of Bengal in this film”, Jitendra Narayan Singh added.

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