Bihar Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav’s ridiculous claim : It was a planned demolition due to a flaw in its construction

  • Matter of under-construction bridge collapse over Ganga river in Bihar
  • The bridge was being built by spending 1,750 crore rupees
  • Construction work has been going on for the last 11 years

Bhagalpur (Bihar) – A bridge being built over the Ganga in the Sultanganj-Aguwani area here, collapsed on the evening of 4th June. 2 security guards working here are missing after the incident. State Emergency Response Team has launched a search operation to find them.  Deputy Chief Minister of the state Tejashwi Yadav claimed about this incident, ‘You may know that last year after a part of the bridge collapsed, we had demanded an inquiry. Then, after a study by ‘IIT Roorkee’, it came to light that the construction of the bridge was faulty. After that, we had told to demolish the bridge. Additional Chief Secretary of ‘Road Construction Department’, Pratyay Amrit informed that the establishment which constructed the bridge has been blacklisted and a case will also be registered. The Establishment named ‘S.P. Singla’ was building this bridge. This bridge was being built to connect the Districts, Khagdia and Bhagalpur. Last year on 27th April, a part of this bridge had collapsed into the river. This 3 km long bridge was being built at a cost of Rs 1,750 crore. It is said that the work is going on since the year 2012. BJP has demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for this incident.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Was the RJD and Janata Dal (United) Government in Bihar sleeping when such a low quality construction was being done; which costs thousands of crores of rupees.
  • The losses occurred due to this incident should be recovered from the responsible Government officials, the Ministers and the Contractors. The people of Bihar should raise this demand.

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