German woman enters Hindu temple naked in Bali, Indonesia

The Police arrested her and admitted to the hospital for psychiatric treatment

(Credit : NZ Herald)

Bali (Indonesia) – A female tourist from Germany has been arrested for entering a Hindu temple naked. She has been admitted to a hospital for psychiatric treatment. Her name is Darja Tuschinski. She had come to watch a dance performance at the Saraswati Ubud temple but did not get the ticket. So, she took off her clothes and entered the temple.

A Police spokesperson said the woman’s act has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus in Bali. Due to this, a ritual was performed for the purification of the temple.

A similar incident had happened earlier. A Russian woman posed naked under a sacred banyan tree in the temple premises. The woman was then sent back to Russia after the Hindus protested against it.

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