Posters of Hindus exodus displayed in an area of Jaipur

  • Local Congress municipal councillor Farid Qureshi held responsible
  • Police refute the claim of Hindus’ exodus

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Rajasthan Police stepped up action against Hindu exodus posters in Jaipur that have been put up in Jaipur’s Kishanpole area. Police have registered a case and search is on for people who put up the posters.

BJP has criticised Congress in this matter. On the other hand, Police claim that no Hindu exodus has taken place and have registered cases against the people who have displayed such posters. Om Prakash Parikh, who used to stay in this area earlier, sold his house to a relative of Qureshi a few days ago, after which posters about Hindus fleeing were displayed. It is not yet clear who displayed those posters.

1.  The area where these posters were displayed is known as ‘Purohit Mohalla’ which has most of the Hindu population. In the adjacent part, Muslims are in the majority. Hindus accuse that attempts were made to gradually increase the Muslim population in ‘Purohit Mohalla’ and hold Qureshi responsible for it.

2. The local Hindu women said that they are abused when they go out. They are told to leave the area. Earlier, Hindu children could go out without fear but now, it is not possible.

3. Police claim that no incident of fleeing has taken place, but social miscreants were spreading rumours.

Editorial Viewpoint

Rajasthan is ruled by Congress and Farid Qureshi is a Congress municipal councillor, therefore, Hindus feel the news about exodus must be true. Congress has become a synonym for Hindu-hatred !

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