Armed fanatic Muslims attack Hindus for petty reasons in Tonk (Rajasthan) : 19 Hindus injured

The scene of the incident

Tonk (Rajasthan) – Muslims attacked Hindus in the Malpura District with swords, sticks, iron rods, etc. 19 Hindus were injured in this attack. They also looted Hindu women’s jewellery. On the way, the fanatics threatened the Hindus, saying, “The Police can protect you for 2-3 days, but once they leave, who will protect you ?” In this case, 30 people have been arrested by the Police.

The Police stated that the violence occurred in the Nagauri Mohalla area of Tonk after a group of people objected to speeding motorcycles on the road while a few children were playing. The matter escalated and within no time the members of both communities began pelting stones at each other. A person named Nathuram Gurjar has been seriously injured. He has been admitted to the hospital

Editorial viewpoint

Since the Congress Government is in power in Rajasthan, it seems from such incidents that there is Pakistan’s rule there.

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