Citizens of Bengaluru demand a ban on Ramzan food fair

  • Illegal stalls are set up to sell Biryani and Kebabs
  • Locals annoyed by traffic jams and piled up garbage
Residents of the Fraser town demand a ban on ‘Ramzan food fair’

Bengaluru – Residents of the Fraser town have written a letter to the Bengaluru Corporation and demanded a ban on ‘Ramzan food fair’ that is organised at the ‘Mosque Road’ each year during the month of Ramzan. Illegal food stalls selling Biryani and Kebabs are set up every evening at the Mosque Road in Fraser town during the month of Ramzan. The resulting traffic jams and piles of garbage have annoyed local residents. (It is shameful for the Police that citizens have to run to the Administration for help against the miscreants who set up illegal stalls and cause traffic jams and garbage piles ! – Editor)

  1. ‘In the name of Ramzan food fair, the ‘outsiders’ have set up stalls in our area and the ‘outsiders’ come to eat here. We have lost the serenity of our area. Hence, a ban is required on the Ramzan food fair immediately’, citizens demanded in the letter.
  2. Local residents also said, ‘It’s too noisy when these stalls are set up. Vehicles parked everywhere cause traffic jams in the entire locality. The food is prepared in open along the roadside which causes foul smell and the smoke released while cooking causes pollution’.
Editorial viewpoint

Why citizens have to demand action on something that annoys them ? Why the Police and the Administration do not act on their own ?

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