Putin worried about getting Coronavirus and his murder : Russia’s former soldier Glib Kurakulov

Russian President VladimirPutin

Moscow – The Russia-Ukraine war doesn’t seem to end. On this background, Putin is experiencing the threat of Coronavirus and his murder. To save his life, he is traveling in an unknown train. The former serviceman of ‘The Federal Security Service’ of Russia Glib Kurakulov gave all the information regarding the security measures taken for Putin.

Glib Kurakulov said that there are similar houses of Russia’s President in different cities. Putin spends most of his time in his private residence, which is addressed as ‘Bunker’. He stays away from people. He is a self-centered leader and is extremely conscious about his security. He further added that Putin has traveled 180 times with Russian leaders. Putin has no interest in technology. He does not use mobile phones or the Internet. He takes the help of the near ones to get any information.