Bihar riots instigated by fanatical Muslims resulted in crores of rupees loss for the Hindus

  • Shops burned to ashes
  • Police are ignoring the complaint

Nalanda (Bihar) – While people celebrated the birth anniversary of Shriram in Bihar, communal violence convulsed many parts of the State. The Nalanda District of Bihar was also engulfed in this destructive blaze of violence. According to reports from the victims, a religious mob of 50-60 religious fanatics in Nalanda’s Bihar Sharif set fire to Hindus’ shops and their warehouses, causing extensive damage. This is the information shared by Hindus who were victims of the riot who said that the Hindus lost crores of rupees in assets in the riot.

Hindus’ shops were looted and then burned down

While the people were celebrating Ramnavami, the fanatical Muslims of Bihar District protested the celebration and rioted. Umesh Prasad Goswami a victim of the violence said, ‘My 10 shops were destroyed. They looted my shop and then burned them to ashes’.  ‘I have lost crores of rupees’, said another victim.

The Fire brigade did not arrive in time !

The fire brigade reached the place 2-3 hours after the shops were set on fire. The shops were burned to ashes when the firefighters reached the place. The victims said, ‘they pleaded with the Fire brigade officers to send the firefighter vans, but they did not reach on time’. A Hindu Temple was also burned.

Police ignored the complaints by the Hindus !

Some Hindus rushed to the Police station on learning about the riots. But no one paid attention to them, reported the victims. (Is this an Indian police station or a Pakistani ? – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Bihar is governed by Anti-Hindu alliance between JDU and RJD, why should it be a surprise that the fanatic Muslims run riot unrestrained ?

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