China’s role is also important in solving the Doklam dispute : Bhutan PM

Prime Minister of Bhutan sides with China

Lotay Tshering, Bhutan’s Prime Minister

Thimphu (Bhutan) – Lotay Tshering, Bhutan’s Prime Minister in an interview with a daily newspaper made a statement that China’s role is equally important in resolving the Doklam dispute. It is being said that Bhutan is leaning towards China. Bhutan has also denied previous reports about China’s intrusion and construction of 10 villages within Bhutanese territory. This shows that Bhutan has developed closeness with China. Doklam is located on the border with Bhutan.

  1. In this interview, Prime Minister Tshering further stated, “solving this problem is not up to Bhutan alone. There are three of us. There is no big or small country, there are three equal countries, each counting for a third.”
  2. China has built roads within Bhutanese territory near Doklam, along with establishing a village. This poses challenges for India in terms of defence in this area. India has been opposing China’s increasingly expansionist policy in the Doklam region. Doklam is part of Bhutan and India has been defending Bhutan militarily for decades. In 2017, Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in a tense standoff for 2 months in Doklam. China was illegally constructing roads here. India had opposed it.
Editorial Viewpoint

Is something wrong with India’s foreign policy or is China proving to be more powerful ? It is necessary to think about it !

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