Religious fanatics attack Shri Sheetala Devi’s jagran programme in Bengal

The place where it happened…

Kolkata – A mob of 200-250 miscreants laid siege to a Hindu Jagran, organised at College Street in Central Kolkata. The matter came to light after Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari took to social media to seek immediate action from the Police. As per a report, the Hindu community in Kolkata’s Ward No. 38 and 40 had organised Shri Sheetala Devi’s jagar.

  1. A BJP worker named Subodh Das narrated that the singer, who was at the helm of the affairs of the Jagran, was also attacked. He informed that about 3-4 devotees were grievously injured in the attack and even the women were not spared.
  2. It is said that the attack was carried out by religious fanatics of the Trinamool Congress. Police have been deployed at the spot after this incident. A complaint has been lodged at the Amherst Street Police Station in this matter, but the Police have not taken any action yet.
  3. This is not the first time that Hindu religious events have been attacked by fanatics. Last year, on 10th April 2022, fanatics also attacked the processions that were to be taken out on the occasion of Shriram Navami in Howrah, and also attacked the pavilions erected on the occasion of Durga Puja at various places.
Editorial viewpoint

Under the rule of  Trinamool Congress, the condition of Bengal became similar to that of Bangladesh. To maintain law and order, President’s Rule is necessary.

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