A Japanese tourist adopts Hindu Dharma !

Chhatarpur (MP) – Kenji Simi, a tourist from Japan, was so impressed with Ramakrishna Ashram that he adopted Hindu Dharma. His name has been changed to Sumit from his Japanese name. He now regularly performs ritualistic worship, and he can chant the Gayatri Mantra with the right pronunciation. Sumit’s friend Avinash Tiwari from Khajuraho said that he met Sumit in Delhi when he could notice the love and faith Sumit has for Hindu Dharma; therefore, both became friends. Sumit informed Avinash about his going to Varanasi and performing Abhishek. Sumit also chants Om Namah Shivay and Jai Shriram. Sumit performed puja in Shri Hanuman temple on reaching Khajuraho.

(Credit : News18 MP Chhattisgarh)

Editorial viewpoint

Hard slap to those who constantly criticise Hindu Dharma !