Swiggy sacks its delivery boy for refusing to deliver mutton in the Hanuman temple area !

New Delhi – A delivery boy of an online food delivery establishment ‘Swiggy’ has alleged that he was abruptly fired from his job for refusing to deliver mutton near the Hanuman Temple.

According to a media report, a shopkeeper in the Marghat Baba Hanuman Temple area in Delhi had ordered ‘Mutton Korma’ on Swiggy. After this, the concerned delivery boy reached the shopkeeper’s address to deliver Mutton Korma. Then he realised that the customer’s address was on the premises of Shri Hanuman Temple. So, the delivery boy refused to deliver the non-veg order there. The delivery boy requested the customer to come outside the temple premises and receive the ‘Mutton Korma’ order, but the customer rejected it. The customer complained to Swiggy. After this incident, Swiggy fired the delivery boy. However, Swiggy has denied the delivery boy’s allegation.

Delivery boy felicitated by Hanuman Temple Management

Meanwhile, the Management of Shri Hanuman Temple praised the delivery boy and felicitated him.

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