‘Item dance’ hosted at the programme of Delhi Bar Association’s Holi celebrations in Delhi HC premises !

The Delhi High Court has asked for a report from the District Judge !

New Delhi – A Holi celebration organised by the New Delhi Bar Association inside the Patiala House Court compound caused much consternation among a section of the legal fraternity because of the “scantily-clad women dancers” who performed on stage.

The Delhi High Court has taken a very serious note of this incident and demanded a report from the District Judge. The High Court opined that the dance in the Court premises was inappropriate and that programme of the Bar Association cannot be approved. It is a stigma on the judicial system and causes damages to its reputation. The current working committee of the Delhi Bar Association cannot use the Court premise for any of its programmes till an enquiry is completed and a decision about this incident is taken.

Editorial viewpoint

This incident makes one realise that an educated individual and one who holds a degree, cannot be said to be cultured and ethical ! Would it be wrong if the people demand stringent action against those who were involved in this incident ?

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