‘Sindh is the land of Sufi saints, Hindus cannot celebrate Holi here’ : Maulana Rashid Mehmood Soomro

Maulana Mehmood threatens Hindus during Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam’s conference in Pakistan !

Maulana Rashid Mehmood Soomro

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A video of Maulana Rashid Mehmood Soomro has been posted by the Twitter account ‘Pakistan Untold’, wherein the Maulana is making hateful statements against the Hindus. He says in the video, ‘Hindus cannot celebrate Holi in the Sindh Province. This is not Mumbai or Delhi. Only the prophet Muhammad’s day will be celebrated here. This is the land of Sufi saints. We cannot allow non-Muslims to celebrate their festivals on this land. Maulana made these statements during a conference organised by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a Jihadi organisation in Pakistan. He is the General Secretary of this organisation in the Sindh Province and the Vice-Principal of Jamia Islamia, Larkana. The crowd present at the conference was seen applauding and supporting Maulana’s statements.

1. The Maulana is also being criticised on social media. Pakistani journalist Veengas said, ‘Statements made by him are shocking. Sindhi Hindus are the son of the soil. Sindh is the land of peace and love. Maulana should regret his statements.

2. Recently, Hindu students from the Punjab and Karachi universities of Pakistan were beaten up over the Holi celebrations. Also, Dharam Dev Rathi, a Hindu doctor from the Sindh Province was stabbed to death by his driver Hanif.

Editorial viewpoint

India was known by the Sindh Province but the current situation of Hindus here is shameful for the Hindus ! Only the Hindu Rashtra can change this situation !